Marscolony is a colonization strategy game with elements of Defi, DAO, and NFT. In Marscolony, players compete to earn the most civilization rank, which is measured by their contribution to evolving technology and terraformation.

The game presents the planet's surface, represented by an array of 21,000 rectangular-shaped land plots. Players can build facilities for evolving civilization and technology on these land plots.

The game's objective is for players to compete in planetary development, terraforming planet (raising oxygen, water, and temperature), and boosting technological development. Players accomplish these goals by building facilities on land and increasing development of technology.

The game is played over a number of epochs. Each epoch includes a set of buildings and facilities a landowner needs to progress to the next generation, raising in civilization rank. Epoch 1 begins when the user claims the land and ends when all facilities relating to Epoch 1 are built on the land.

A unique aspect of the game is that it is constantly evolving. Players can keep on growing the colony technologically and politically in perpetuity. However, there are quarterly and annual cut-offs when winners who achieved the highest level of development are rewarded.

Governance and product development stage

Martian Command will endlessly continue to build new features, missions, items, plot advances, etc, in conjunction with what the colonies request and what the DAO votes on.

The MC must be fun above all else. If any of the Atlas members in Martian Command die or leave, the community treasury can be used to hire new developers, with priority given to community members (who will still be interviewed and tested for competence like everyone else).

So, no "finished product" exists because these colonies will be living, adaptable communities.

As long as there are players, there will be developers. That said, each update will take time. The first iteration of missions, mini-games, is described below.

To access missions, log in to your dashboard and connect a crypto wallet that contains an avatar.

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