Cryo-chambers from the MARXCO (or MarsColony) company have just been delivered from Earth. Martian can place themselves in the pod and connect their brain to an AI-system. While the body is resting and saving resources, the brain will be engaged in active training. The Martian will receive knowledge from the database, which is endowed with AI.

These are new technologies of space construction, colony development strategies and much other knowledge. Therefore, these are not just the cryo-chamber, but a mobile Cyberspace Training Center.


Cryo-chamber is an in-game asset that could be unlocked with CLNY (100% burned) once and used permanently. Unlocking cryo-chamber allows user to earn XP with multiple avatars passively. To earn XP user needs to store avatar in the chamber using fuel rods to power it. One fuel rod is used to store one avatar in the chamber for 7 days. Avatar earn approximatelly 2 missions’ XP a day when stored in the cryo-chamber. Cryo-chamber goes with base fuel rods amount but user can purchase more (1, 5, 25) with CLNY (100% burned).

Intended launch date:

June 17

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