Epoch 1 Settlement

Kick off

In this epoch, Landowners mint 21,000 land plots and begin generating CLNY token. This inflationary stage ensures there is enough CLNY in circulation for the game to function well.

The funds users pay to mint their land are used to create the development treasury for the colony, which is managed by the core dev team until the colony DAO is launched, at which point it becomes fully community-governed.

The inflationary aspect of this first stage decreases in intensity the more colonies exist, and each inflation stage will eventually become deflationary with full utility in-game leading to excessive burns of the token. The total supply of CLNY is 144,800,000 per blockchain.


Once enough CLNY has been minted and anyone can buy from pools in the SpaceXchange, the first batch of playable avatars will be minted.


After avatars have been minted, Avatars can begin missions and the Colony can begin to grow and progress.


To complete Epoch 1 and unlock Epoch 2, users need to build all facility types and max them out to the the third level.

Facilities include:

  • Base station

  • Power plants (3 levels)

  • Robot assembly line (3 levels)

  • Transporters (3 levels)

Each facility enables missions and yields CLNY for every mission that is completed on you land.

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