The objective of the missions is to explore planet and to gain resources needed to build facilities and evolve the colony

There are two mission types:

Base station missions

Base station missions created for newbies to get started with Mars colony and earn points and experience. To access those missions, players need to have an avatar.

Example of base station missions:

An encrypted message from an unknown source has been intercepted. Decrypt the message and store it in your logs, as it may come in handy in the future.

Communications have gone down from an unknown attack vector. Generate code to re-establish connection.

Mining missions

Mining missions are an advanced type of missions where avatars can be sent to underground mines to explore and mine resources vital to building a colony.

While searching for a resource, players have to tackle problems of harsh environment, limited visibility and escape subterranean worms.

New mission types

As Colony grows and develops both technologically and economically, new mission types will be created.

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