Decrypt missions

A few months after landing on Mars, the colonists began to receive the first strange messages from space. The signal turned out to be encrypted, and even advanced AI could not cope with this task.

Now all the hopes are only on the Martians themselves. What if it's a call for help? Or the voice of an extraterrestrial civilization?

After completing several missions, it turns out that AI is not as simple as it seems. He deliberately pretended that he could not decipher the message in order to test the colonists and prepare them for new tasks. He seems to have big plans...


Decrypt mission requires Martian’s logic skills and a bit of luck. In this mission, Explorers (Avatar owners) will try to guess the password on the terminal screen filled with words and symbols.

Each mission the terminal screen is being fulfilled with symbols and several words from which Martian should guess the password to unlock the system and open their way to the encryption methods

How to pass:

To guess the word Martian needs to find and tap on one of the words on the screen to start decrypting the password. Martian has 4 attempts to guess the password, or the mission will fail.

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