Mission Rewards

Each mission yields rewards for taking part in it.

Rewards can come in a form of XP experience points (XP), rare NFTs with in-game utility, and CLNY and ORE tokens, which can be refined into resources.

XP reward logic:

A complete file can be found here

Avatar reward levelBase XP per missionRandom variableAdditional condition



+/- 70

buff/debuff based on avi profession



+/- 78

buff/debuff based on avi profession



+/- 87

buff/debuff based on avi profession





Avatar upgrades

To upgrade your avatar, you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of XP, ORE, and CLNY.

XP can be won by taking part in missions or purchased for CLNY.


ORE tokens can be earned by completing missions. They are a fungible, tokenized item that can be traded with other players or used in-game.

A table describing use cases is coming soon.

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